IDENTITY THIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WHO really am I?

When my indentity is swallowen

From now becoming stolen

Because the bible told me I can't be gay

So that identity

Is hidden away...

And to make sure no one knows

I sleep with multiple men, so I take off my clothes to put on a show

My body is a temple but yet I'm letting not god in me but the devil is in me

Eveytime I let another man in me

It took not only one but maybe thirteen

To realize

I am a QUEEN

But yet I still sleep with men, because my family believes being a hoe is better than being a lesbo


I was a QUEEN

To now becoming a man's mistress

Getting labeled as not as a WOMAN but...a BITCH

Because the society told me it's not okay to be beautiful and smart

So I put on an act...

And lies will come out within what I say

"Make and beauty is a woman

The intelligence of a female became a myth

And they couldn't solve the simple education

Of length times width"

I always ask myself

But why not allow others to have the image

Of imagination?

Of what I look naked then actually being naked

But yet I still make sure people look at me as a sex object before a woman

Because the society and media would rather have an

illiterate, uneducated, sex appeal woman


Because my hair isn't long enough, I'm different then my family

Who has straight, long hair with skin that looks like white chocholate

I look at myself in the mirror and see the kinky curly hair, coming out of my ponytail.. every curly lock

And everytime I go to a family event, there infatuated by the color of my skin and my hair thats within... my indentity

I feel like a lion caged up at the circus

That lion, once fought but got used to the routine and

Gave up..

So I hide my curls

With the heat

Every strand of curl that is getting taken away

Is every part of strand of who I am

I became nothing more but an







This poem is amazing and whoever wrote it is an amazing writer. It was so deep and i could really feel the emotion.


Thank you, it means a lot. :)

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