Identity Theft

They look at the color of my skin

See ink running down my limbs

And the illusion is set in their minds


Suddenly I have a new face


They spit words out

Calling me gangbanger

Asking about drug deals

I can’t believe the things coming out of their mouths


Are we not professionals?

Where does this discrimination come from?


It doesn’t matter who I am

It’s where I come from

And my color scheme that matters now


I have walked a different path

But my beginning is my end


Chicago is the murder capital

God help the ones who survive

Cause now we are the guilty for all the dead

And we’ll carry those sins with us wherever we go


So your jokes aren’t funny to me

The people I’ve lost aren’t laughing

Real gangs litter my streets

And drugs nearly killed my family

These are insults to the highest degree

Don’t test me or you’ll see

What living in Chicago has taught me…


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