Identifying My Reality



without a mask,

without any reason to hide behind a wall of lies,

exposing the girl who's hidden for so long, 

a musician, a girl who seeks to change the world,

an ambitious young Latina who comes from immigrant parents,

the one who pictures herself as a flying bird,

reaching out... and hopefully reach all of her wildest dreams.

Nothing appears to be black and white in my world,

questioning my every move,

trying to not run out of reasons to move forward.


It all becomes a struggle,

to get up every morning and fight,

fighting  for that desired dream of creating a world in which we are all accepted,

accepcted from head to toe,

putting aside the difference in language, culture, color, sense of style, everything...

becoming one..


Being strong, intelligent, yet humble all at once

Willing to listen and give advice.. as long as I see that I am being trusted.

On the contrary...

not able to make decisions on my own life,

This is what I have to offer the world


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