I remember sitting in the theater,

my leg pressed tightly to yours.

Hand in hand, palms sweating,

You said my touch was electric

and we became addicted to the feeling

like the nicotine on your lips.


“Dear One,” you called me,

as you kissed me in the midst of fall leaves,

and every day you wrapped more and more of

my incandescent heartstrings around you,

like decorating a Christmas tree.


We shared wordless conversations

across the room, shivers rolling down our spines.

You made my heart skip, trip, and sometimes just forget

what it’s supposed to do.


Suddenly there’s someone else you’re pulling closer

and I’m not the only one that makes you feel.

Maybe she became a shelter in a way that I wasn’t,

covering you in her four walls of safety.


Now, I don’t want to remember my heart

encompassed around your occupied one.

Nor the way you see through me

like every memory of me has been erased

I just want to forget the way my whole being aches

and this feeling of being completely alone.


You stupid, stupid boy, you’ll never learn,

you fell for the sun and you’ll only get burned. 



I believe one of my favorite parts of your piece is the use of your title paired with your last two lines. Your title alone gave me the hint of falling; of a good, beautiful, hopeful thing gone wrong. The heartache in your words is impactful, and very easy to empathize with because you are not alone in this legion of those who understand heartbreak. Thank you so much for sharing this piece.


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