I Write, Wrote, Have Written, Will Write...Much More

Mon, 06/10/2013 - 13:20 -- Lomuse

I've been asked why I write,
And to that I must reply,
To this question in quite,
"If I" format as to why...
So I begin....

I write because, if I didn't,
How else would I be able to explain
How it felt when I stood in the rain,
Or the imminent emotion that I felt that since

I still have this feeling,
Even now,
All this comes from concealing
Emotions to how

I am able to write even now.

How do you explain yourself to others,
Whether it seems like it will be a bother,
To them or those around,
I somehow found

That when I write,
I see,
All the things around me,
Freely in height

And depths of why I would write,
Or how I would write,
Or when I would write,
That it just feels right to write.

Because when I write I feel like I can truly be myself,
And nobody else,
Can take that away from me,
For I am free.


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