I Write For Freedom


"Why do you write?"
Write what?
"Words, girl.
Why do you
write words?"

I don't write words.
I write stories.

I write about the girl who
Never had the courage to dream.
I write about Life's mysteries
Because things aren't how they seem.

I write for all that I've learned
And the things that never got done.
I write for where I am right now
Instead of what I should have "become".

I don't write to be recognised
On the cover of some big magazine.
Besides, half the people who end up there
Are just talentless and obscene.

I write for something bigger.
I write for no one but me.
And there are so many things I write
That no one will ever see.

I write to look into the past
So without judging, I can regress.
Looking back on things untold,
That only now could I ever express.

I write to shake off the hate
And the things that hold me back.
After all I had I go through
It's my only chance to attack.

Bite, scratch, claw, scream,
All without the casualties of war.
Because when I can let it all go,
I finally get the chance to soar.

It's not something they call "cool",
But remember that this is for me.
The reason I don't care how they see it,
Is because, hey, I'm finally free.


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