I write because it brings back good memories

Tue, 06/25/2013 - 19:57 -- Hi_Lexi


When I was in the first grade,


I learned how to spell


I got 2nd place in the class spelling bee


Everyone thought I did really well



When I was in the 2nd grade,


I was the spelling bee queen


I could challenge anyone


I could outspell teens



When I was in the 3rd grade,


I wanted to be a writer


I used to write stories


That made days brighter




I don't remember the grade,


But some teen poets came to my school


They were rhyming and we were snapping


The whole experience was cool




Somewhere down the road


My crush said my writing sucks


Everyone else thought so too


And there goes my luck



So my mom got me a diary


And they were all filled with him


My writing got weirder


It was actually kind of grim




Years have gone by


And I write for therapeutic reasons


It makes me feel bright 


Like the summer season



I still write about that crush


Who didn't believe in me


I write about other things too


Like my disability



That I found out I had in September of last year


It makes me not care about the things I loved 


Like reading and cheer




Leading is something I am not good at 


But writing is something fun 


I don't feel like such a door mat




Have you had that feeling that you were just like everyone else


Then everyone tells you to just be yourself


But who is that?


I don't know?


I will just act like I know the solution


When I write this poem maybe it will decrease all of the confusion



Random title right? I know, I tried really hard. Why Melody Rae? Well when you think of Melody, you think of a song, right? Rae sounds like Ray, and then you think a Ray of sunshine. This reminds me of the poem I just wrote. Writing makes me happy. And if my daughter ever thinks that she is being bothersome, she will know that I named her Melody Rae for a reason. 

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