I Write Bcause

I write,
Because my hands are spider webs of words
That need to be weaved on paper
Like an artists’ paint
Needs to be swirled around the canvas.
I write because someone
Out there
Needs to know
They’re not alone.
I write to save lives,
Both others and mine.
I write to free my mind of unwanted thoughts that linger
From the dreadful past.
I write to have a voice—
One that can’t be silenced by a woman’s over bearing voice.
I write to tell the truth,
The whole truth,
And nothing but
The truth.
I write because
Someone needs to tell how the girl gets out of the castle
Without her prince charming.
About the knight in tin foil that got lost
But somehow found his way to the castle
Only to catch the princess just as she fell.
Because if I didn’t,
The voices would never hush,
And I’d go insane.
I write because my heart tells me
That it’s okay to tell the true story,
My side of the story.
I write because
If I am crazy,
And it’s out loud,
People judge me—
But if it’s on paper,
People call me


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