i write

I do not like to ask for help.

I value inner strength above 


all else. 


But I cannot do everything on my own.

I cannot keep all my thoughts in my head.

They cannot stay there

stewing away 

creating darkness,

creating mold.


So I write them down.

I write them down to get them out. 

I am not a processor. 

I need help working things through.

And the pen and paper

or screen and keyboard

become my aides.


They are silent. 

They won't tell my secrets

or fears

or joys. 

But they will process.

They will hold me thoughts 

and allow me to come back to them

or obsess over them

or throw them away.


It doesn't matter what I do with 

the thoughts I write down. 

All that matters is that I write them down. 

It cleanses me,

allows me to move on.


I write to be okay. 


Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741