I Write


To show

Eveyone was always so worried
So stuck in reality
That I wantd to show them


Another world
Away from the tests
With no deadlines
Or grades to be handed out


Another world that they could escape to


Just like me


Because there are so many
Swirling and forming in my head
Begging to be seen
By more then me



To feel


When reality is pushing in
And anxiety is twisting my stomach in knots
And maybe there are tears in my eyes
Because sometimes life isn't fair


I can write


I can take all these feelings
All this hurt
All this fear
All this sadness


And I can put it on this paper


And suddenly I can breathe again
The bottle inside me isn't so full anymore
And the smile on my face isn't as broken


But all I really want is



To be heard


These words
On this paper
Have no consequence


I can yell them
I can scream them
I could whisper them


But as long as they stay on this paper
They can't hurt anyone


No one will get mad at me for them
They won't yell at me
They won't look so sad
No one has to hear the words they don't want to hear
No one has to worry


Once these words are on paper
I can put them out there
And they can be seen
They can be read
They can be heard
Or they can be ignored


But there is always the chance
That someone saw them
And they heard
Just what they needed to keep going
Or to make them feel
That little bit less lonely
Because now they know
Someone out there feels like they do




I hope you guys like this

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