I Wish I Was A Dog


It is easy these days

To lose faith

In humanity

“To Let The World Be”

Is how I live now


Are mean

They are malicious,


Evil creatures

Who take joy in pain

Rejoice in revenge

And celebrate warfare

They gratify violence

Bathe in suffering

And complain about the small,

While the weak are crushed underfoot.


I often think

Of a place

Not populated by our shameful race

The one that sneers at others mistakes

The one that quakes at the thought of a kind word

The ones that would sooner put the gun to your head

than hesitate to pull the trigger


Fight one another

Kill one another

Shame one another

Exploit one another

It’s not emotion

Just common sense

This world that I dream of

Is not filled with humans

but creatures much more simple

And maybe

Even more human

Than us




There were dogs everywhere, and life was good.

The dogs lined the streets,

Filled the skyscrapers that stretched into the stars,

Lived in every single house,

In every single country,

On every single continent all over the world.

A planet called Earth, populated by dogs.

Life was very, very good.


It was not a mystery

How the dogs got there

Or why it came about that there were only dogs

Because the dogs,

Quite frankly,

Didn’t care.

All that mattered was the chase,

The ball,

The taste of bacon,

And the smell of the wind in the morning.


In this world

Jobs don’t matter

Schools don’t matter

Work doesn’t matter

War doesn’t matter

Material doesn’t matter

Computers and cell phones








Don’t matter.


All of this is useless

There is no hope left

For a race that rapes

And watches killing for enjoyment

There is no hope left

For a race that would rather use

Guns and Knives and Bullets

To speak

Rather than words.

There is no hope left.



Dogs don’t dwell on the bad

They dwell on the current objective

They don’t fight

They don’t yell

The don’t come to blows over a taken seat

They don’t care.

Dogs don’t have wars

They don’t have any reason

Because they are dogs

Dogs live life by their own rules,

Only restricted by the abuse

We inflict on them.

Punish them

Because our lives are too crooked

To let theirs thrive.

Dogs all over the world

Replacing every bad human

Ever born

In this pitiful wasteland

We call Earth


When you look at things like I do,


Are more man than any man,

More woman than any woman,

More child than any child,

Are more human

Than any human.



I wish I was a dog.


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