I wish I had a chance to say I love you


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Apart from me, I am a part of you
I am with you, but you were never with me
WE, yes we were never one, you were more than half of me
But I wasn't nearly that close to you
Fear was my pending fate for you
I never planned to let you go
But you will never know.....you will NEVER know…..

That it only kills me to say I see your shine each time I blink
I can't even close my eyes without your smile winking at me
Telling me to open up, to freely express myself emotionally
If only you knew the little things you do made me fall so deeply
I loved watching you act as a baby about petty things driving you wild
I was there to cheer you up, joke around and call you a silly child
Ha! We had so many memories to share
Oh how I would reminisce you were always there
I seen all the things strong souls would hide
I even seen the night you had cried
God knows I had not a clue to cure your pain
I did what came first, amazingly it worked
And I realize now my chance was in that moment

The mood was perfect... and you were everything I needed
I looked in your eyes and seen you felt everything completed
But I didn't speak a word not realizing it then was defeated
I wish every night I could take back that day and change it all
Every single word, look, and sound to unfold your desperate fall
It is my fault I should have told, to set you free of fates grasp hold
That night I not only blinded you, I led you to think falsely about how I felt
Now you only loop my heart with the "what if'", "could’ve" and "should’ve" broken belts
If I would have said I loved you, right now we would be together
If I kissed you that day maybe you wouldn't have left me forever
If I gave you what you needed I wouldn't be alone
If I seen fate waiting for you, you would have known
I should have kissed you that night
I could have said I loved you tonight
I should have been there....when you had past
I should have been the one you seen last
You could have loved me forever
I could have loved you forever......or would I?
Am I going to regret you till the day I die?
If that's the case I'm already burning
Everything I see and touch turns solid
But most of all...my heart is burnt stolid
It's too dry for tears of pain to cleanse it all away... I can't help but to wish for a better way!
To wish you were standing here with me

Something went wrong....you were not suppose to leave me
I know in my heart you were mine, I was in you and you were in me
You were a part of me, I am a part of you but you will never see!
I only led you apart from me, losing my part of you
I am stuck alone wishing I had another chance
My words would form with just another glance
Why did I let you slip away from me?
Finally love is clear but you will never see
It's always said to be late rather than never
But late is too late making never forever

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