I wish I could turn back time

Why does being in love have to hurt so bad? You put forth so much effort to make it work but sometimes it's not good enough. You put your heart on the line waiting to see how far you can go with that person. You try and try to be the best you can. You're there for them no matter what, willing to do whatever for them, Try not to make empty promises, love them unconditionally, protect their heart, stay committed to them faithfully, doing your best to put a smile on their face everday because you want nothing more than to see that person happy. Trying to be their everything in a nutshell. Only asking them to do the same. No one should expect a relationship especially love to be easy or perfect because it's not. There is so much work that has to be put into it. And sometimes no matter how much you love a person it doesn't mean as much to them as it should. Sometimes it may feel like your doing so much and it may seem their taking you or your love forgranted and you end up getting hurt. They make constant promises that they continously break and you deal with it because you want nothing more than to be with that person. You get angry and just let the tears run down your face because after going through so much with that person they act as if they dnt care as much as they should. So finally the final nerve breaks and you do the one thing your petrified to do and you end it. Maybe forever maybe not. And you go back and forth questioning whether or not you made the right decision. And you decide you'll wait for that person to change for the better, but you wonder how long that's going to take, will they ever change, or one of the most painful; while they're finding themselves they'll find someone else along the way. And they changed but changed and gave their heart to someone else and there goes another broken promise. you gave your heart to that person and they eternally gave you theirs but gradually the pieces of their heart end up in someone elses hands and by the end you have no heart from all the pain. And before any of this happens you want them back and tell them your life without them isn't the same. That their the only person you feel alive with, the one whose smile can turn your world upside down, who you can't stay mad at, who loves all the wird crazy things about you, who you can just sit in a room with laugh, and still have a good time, and when your in their arms you know everthings going to be alright, the person who can kiss your cheek and still make you blush, or have long slow passionate kisses that make it feel like time has stopped and the only thing that matters is you and that person. Through all this you ask that person to be yours again and to basically in more words or less get a no. It hurts. It hurts so bad. I wish I could turn back time.


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