I Wish I Could Say It

So many things I wish I could say

If only I could get away .

All of this homework I have every night. 

Gosh teacher this isn't right.

Raise my hand for everything.

You better be lucky i am even participating. 

Have a seat you say .

You have a seat , I am in charge today.

You are not my parent , you can't control me.

I have detention , 

Laughs , You won't see me . 

You're going to call home.

I'll call for you .

Do you think I am afraid? 

I am not, I'll show you .

I have to go to the office and I am getting suspended .

No worry its the vacation that I always wanted.

In reality I wish I can say this to my teachers.

But for now I will sit back and be quiet and let them finish teaching.



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