I wish

I wish I told my 11-years old self, that you are perfect the way you are.

That I didn’t have to be someone else in order to be accepted,

Because I knew, at that moment in time, they didn’t like the Asian girl who moved to Florida from the small country of Hong Kong.

I wish I told myself that it didn’t mean you had twenty friends,

They’re automatically your friends, but they’re only acquaintances.  

You didn’t have to pay for people’s lunches

Because you thought you were doing a justice to yourself that you belonged to that group.

I wish I told myself that I didn’t have to do their homework in order to be closer to the popular kids and not to have the unnecessary urge to fit in 

Because I felt unwanted and worthless.

I wish I told myself, I was beautiful and that I didn’t have to be “her” in order for people to notice me

Because I was a “nobody”, but in a reality I was just a hidden ruby in the pile of diamonds.

I wish the 11-years-old me, knew all these things so she didn’t have to be made fun of, to look down on, and to have the so-call friends turn into her bullies.

I wish she knew that at the very first moment that she’s good enough for herself and nobody’s opinion mattered but hers.

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