I Wish

Thu, 02/11/2016 - 21:08 -- rose_17


I wish there was a lullaby

that sang itself to sleep.

A melody that I could play

and tell of in my dreams.


I wish there was a fairytale

that read itself to me.

A tale of queens, of maids, of kings,

of magic in one’s dreams.


I wish there was a wonderland

like those of Alice, fair.

A place where I Am Possible

hovers in the air.


I wish there was a sunset

for every lovely thought.

A scene fit for a lover’s tale

and every breath uncaught.


I wish there was a joyous end

for every tragedy.

For Romeo and Juliet

and epic heroes seen.


I wish there were no teardrops

that fall from weakened hearts.

A stitch, a mend, a soft caress

to keep the pieces taught.


I wish there was no aging

of one’s own mind and soul.

A never-ending innocence,

an ignorance unknown.

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