I Wish


I Wish

I wake up and dress my face up in camoflague to protect me

My true values bottled up from my adversaries

Skeptical whether not to expand my horizons

Or stick to the same quotidian lifesyle

Never reaching my full potential or letting the enemies help

I see snakes slithering around me in their camoflague

I feel like an interloper all of the time, no true calling, nor gift  for me on this battlefield

My heart is a desolate ice box free of freedom

My eyes only programmed to see what society wants me to see

Each day a different camoflauge

I have no set self because the true me doesn't belong

The quintessence of modern slavery is what I represent

The distant pass duplicates itself once more

I wear my camoflague to bed, as the fight doesn't cease at night anymore

No one truly knows ME, can see ME, let alone understand ME

I wish my camoflague could wear off from time to time

I wish my values could be known

I wish I could find a place to belong

I wish I could tell everyone in this war how I really feel inside

I WISH this camoflague did'nt matter.


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