I Will Wait

You are the reason I hold on,

Because without you I am nothing.

My love for you has made me the happiest girl alive.

There is just one little something,

That I need to tell you.

It’s a three-word sentence.

You are smart enough to know what it is.

I have waited long enough

But now I can’t take it anymore.

You are my life; my entire world to me.

Just looking into your eyes makes me regret it.

Because then I can’t help but stare.

And when I do,

I feel like this world is full of life and care.

You might not know my feelings towards you.

For the sole purpose that you feel that I don’t exist.

I watch a swarm of girls around you.

There is no way, I am gonna win.

They’ve got it all:

Money, smarts, looks.

But all I have got is a heart full of love.

A heart that will explode with love.

But, I do wonder.

What’s a heart full of love against money, looks and smarts?

What’s a heart full of love against these modern day catastrophes?

Do you know how much I love you?

There! I said it!

The sentence that’s been killing me.

I replay the “Titanic” movie in my head.

Oh how I wish love could last.

As Jack and Rose;

Romeo and Juliet.

I want to talk to you,

But I really can’t.

For the sole purpose that my face changes colors and I feel a horrible daze.

And when I look into your eyes, my daze turns to a gaze.

My heart bursts with the words that I have always wanted to say.

I just really want you to know that no matter how far away you seem.

That I will wait for you.

I assure you that I will wait.

No matter how long you take,




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