​Your smiles got a way of chasing my frowns away,
Your voice got a style of seizing my heart like dove,
Epitomizing an everlasting marathon of joy,
You idolize what I’m ever searching;

There’s always a way,
lets tighten our belts,
Lets be like hand and glove,
Lets never let go even when sanity demands,
So they'll we're insanely in love!

Heaven is a street of golden laughters,
Joys and fullness of life Dee,
The hallelujahs that fill the whole amazing place and space.
This is how I feel when am with you,
I don't mean you're paradise,
But what else is so stellar!

Whenever I hold you,
I aspire to hold you forever,
When I'm old and done,
I shall look back and thank God,
And then I will look at you,
Certainly also old and done,
Your eyes still as beautiful though.

When I’m gone,
I will rest in Peace,
Knowing with you I spent my best life piece.

I’ll never have had enough of you,
Perhaps hoping of our re-union in the after life,
Forever unbreakable, me and you.

After we're are both gone,
may it be said that we happened.

©2018, DMN MUCHUI.

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