i WILL make a change

Does the President hate us? Saying we only come to America to cause a fussI see on the news the hate crimes towards people like me Risking it all to come to this country just to fleeMy heart breaks as I think about those kids in the cagesWho have been separated from their families for ages Minorities being treated without justice We ask the question "Why do they not like us?"People constantly argue if health care should be freeI fear we could be on the verge of World War ThreeOur earth is quickly dying Our political leaders are experts in lying I have to do something Anything.Give me a couple of years I will study the true nature of our government so much it will drive me to tears I am determined to work towards the correction of our country I hope to stand for something where the people will contently vote for me Working with other government officials for ALL Americans Believe me, I have a plan As I look around, I know it might seem strange 

But I promise, I Will make a change 



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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