I Will Face Defeat


United States
34° 8' 8.4012" N, 117° 36' 50.9256" W

I can't seem
To get a single thought out
There are many things
I just want to shout
I just want to share
I can't bare
I can't stare
I don't care
I won't dare
It's not exactly
Something well worth sharing
I'm not worth caring for
You're just being daring
I'm undesirable
I don't understand
I can't comprehend
Where is the end?
I can't wait here and stand
I'm on my own two feet
But I won't be here long
I will face defeat
I have before
I will again
I can't see the end
Because there is no end
Only a new start
But everyone knows
That love has it's part
I'm just standing here waiting
For another broken heart


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