I will Constantly Grow

                                                      I will Constantly Grow

A year ago…
     I was finding myself.

     I fell in love with another soul.

     I thought I was busy and had no time.

     I kept a small circle of friends.

     I was in my comfort zone.

     I felt confident.

     I nourished my body.

     I got upset with people.

     I was in the process of learning to have inner peace.

     I was indecisive and hypocritical.

     I was light.


     I still am finding myself.

     I’m in love with my soul.

     I am busy and have no time like I did a year ago.

     I have a small circle of friends and I love it.

     I am out of my comfort zone but I feel good.

     I feel confident in ways that I haven’t before.

     I will never cease to nourish my body and mind.

     I constantly reflect; one’s negativity is only a reflection of their mindset.

     I realize that having inner peace can be quite beautiful.

     I am light; I see the reason behind everything.

     I am a flower. Sometimes I bloom. Sometimes I wither. Sometimes I am dampened by forces out of my control.

     Everything has a purpose if you allow it to. I will constantly grow.


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