I Will Breathe Again


Day after day,

I feel that nothing will change

Like the tide that draws in 

Or the waves that crash onto the shore,

Only to return to the sea where they belong, 

That is how I feel life has become.


An endless cycle of school, home, and work,

A cycle that is endlessly stuck,

And cannot move forward, nor back

At the will of the hand of its leader.


The classes are piled on top,

And the assigined work is crammed underneath,

No room to breathe,

And I feel as though I'm being suffocated,

Never to breathe freely again,

Of my own accord.


The strings of my life are plucked,

Violently, and thrash in my ear,

By the merciless education system,

Where there are middle schoolers,

Who complain of the stress level,

And high schoolers who die from suicide,

Because the pressure was overwhelming.


Don't tell me there isn't anything wrong

We all know there is--

So do you, as much as I,

Albeit no one chooses to move themselves

In order to advocate for a change.


I will be that catylyst, 

And start something anew;

This has gone on far too long,

And I will breathe freely again,

Without the weight of the world

Bearing down on my seventeen year old shoulders.


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