I Will Accept When You Aren't Mine

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 20:28 -- TBice

My heart glows,

A fiery flame consuming,

When I think of you,

And when I try pursuing.

We eat,

We walk,

We study,

We talk,

We do everything together,

Trading soft smiles and comforting glances,

Making sure our schedules align,

And taking no chances.

We strum,

We sing,

We laugh,

We dream,

You've made your way into my heart and head,

Any time with you turns into a blur,

But when I'm thinking of you,

You're thinking of her.

You miss her,

Call her,

And even ask me,

To draw her,

Everything I want from you,

Every thing that fills my heart,

You do with her,

And she was with you from the start.

I need your presence,

I need your voice,

I want your companionship,

And I have no other choice.


Because I love you,

I won't turn away,

I won't leave you,

Or let you feel alone and afraid.


Because my heart burns to be near,

I will keep myself at arm's length,

I won't use tricks or subterfuge,

To deminish her connection's strength.


Because I want to be the only one,

I won't destroy what you've made,

I will cheer and support,

And pray her connection doesn't fade.


Because I love you,

Because I want your life to be sublime,

I will accept her,

I will accept when you aren't mine.

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