I Want You to Know I Love You

I want you to know I love you.

I know I lied, and I cheated, and I hated

I cried, and I used, and I baited

I ran, and I screamed, and I fled

I hit, and I slapped, I mislead

But I want you to know I love you

Throughout all that, I love you


But I want you to know you don’t

I don’t smile, and laugh, and play,

I don’t sing, and dance, or wish to stay

I don’t hug you, kiss you, or hold you

I don’t think you are precious, rare, and few

I don’t get warm when I see your glad eyes

I don’t think either of us are great at goodbyes


We wanted so badly to fall in love with love

Wanted to touch it, see it, and most of all feel it

That we forgot what that tired word consists of

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Our world
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