I want it to be

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 19:30 -- bdnunez


I want it to be heard by the mother to consumed in her own emotions

      angry with the world

the step father forever in depression

      just trying to make it through the day

the brothers whom are fighting to become grown men

      wishing deep down that they just had a shoulder to lean on

the father that is quick to judge

      because he is scared of failure

the sisters that help me correlate 

      the only "normalcy" in the world

the aunt whom is the only one that truly understands

      having gone through it all herself

the financial aid advisors who continue to dangle my education at arm’s reach

      because all they see is the slip in GPA

the boyfriend that has shown me true love

      when I never believed it could exist

the family that left me to fend for myself at only age 12

      because what happens under your roof stays under your roof

the educators that take the time to see my struggle

      with the course syllabus guiding every step

the friends that I will never truly let in

      questioning how long will this one stick around

the few friends that I actually did

      even they don't know the reason behind each tear I shed.


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