I Want To Be Heard

Everyday I sit back and wonder is it even worth it I contemplate hoping to sleep and pray the days away. 2015 "New Year New Me" I don't believe in that it's all a hoax its not me. I try my hardest to do what's right but how can you do what's right when it's always wrong in everyone's eyes. Maybe its time to go left turn into a bird but never return.

When will the days get better everyday they seem to get longer and longer not making life any better. I drop to my knees pray and ask God why me? I know I'm not the one with the very tough life but God why me? I just want someone to hear my story I scream to the sky "STOP JUST PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! Love me, hold me, wipe away my tears just someone listen to my story."

I just think does anyone care, they tell me they do but all I get is this big blank stare. They burn me with their eyes and cut me with their words a broken shattered heart never to be fixed or heard, they tell me "you're so childish you need to grow up. Nobody likes you get your act together you talk to much learn how to shut up." Things said over the years they cut you and they hurt being made fun of by people not knowing it'll hurt. Laughing to stop the crying, smiling to stop the heartache is it wrong to want someone to listen to you and to love. I'm only 18 but no one will listen to me or my story not even help me follow behind my dreams. When will someone listen when will someone help me make all my dreams come true when will the pain be over when will this fairytale become true. Its all up to me with the help of you.

I want to be heard that's all I need, I want someone to care that's all I mean, I'm tired of giving up I want something for me,I'm tired of being let down God please guide me. I just want to be heard 


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