I Wander Free


Freedom as I choose my own route,

The world before me, my past behind me.

The shackles fall from my wrists and I embrace my full potential.

I rejoice in what each new day brings me.

I swim this river, climb that mountain,

Making my own mistakes, failing at some things,

But never letting the opinions of others stop me from trying.

I sample new things, new paths, and when I find one that I like,

I follow it until, turning a corner, I come across a different path;

One filled with adventure, leading into a forest, down a valley,

Through a tunnel, and to a ravine. I build my own bridge to cross.

Then the path comes to an end at a magnificent cascading waterfall,

But my journey is not at an end.

There is another path to follow nearby.

And as I choose my own way, pursuing my dreams,

I truly wander free.


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