I wake up like this.

Fri, 01/02/2015 - 23:36 -- Shmarma


I wake up, #FLAWLESS.

No make-up. Bra-less.

Should I wear jeans, or joggers?

Every morning I go through all this...


20 minutes til I catch the bus,

Eyebrows on FLEEK, hair looking plush,

I take my time, queens don't rush,

Clothes scattered on the floor,  collecting dust.


20 minutes turn to 1 and I'm in distress!

My heart racing, pounding through my chest,

I grab the Michael Kors, run down a flight of steps,

Juicy couture watch says 10 seconds left !


I run out the door, I hear the bus engine sound,

Sweat coming down like dripping candy on the ground

Despite the chaos, I make it, and I'm school bound,

I hear the loud whispers in the background.


Even on my worst days, some may confess,

There's no competition, I always finesse,

"Good luck" is what many people call this,

But I call it ... #FLAWLESS



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