I Wait

At night I lay on my feathered bed and wait.

I wait for when I will feel again.

I wait for an unspoken to God in the sky

I wait for the police who never come.

I wait for the lady upstairs.

She is screaming now.

Banging her foot in exasperation

 I won’t come to her beck and call.

I smile sadly.

I know what will happen next.

I throw my arms over my head.

Maybe if I feign sleep the beating won’t be as bad.

I wait for her like the loving child I am.

I wait for “God” to reason with her.

I wait.

The floor boards creak and groan

And the door to my room flies open.

Her hands grab at me and shake with great force

“Ungrateful brat, Worthless child!”

Her words slice at me like a hot knife.

I wait for her to stop

I wait for more insults

I know not to fight back.

I know not to cry.

I wait for a happier moment

I wait for a stolen kiss from my best friend.

I look into her green eyes brimming with hate.

I mutter a quick apology

But her hand stops me as it crashes into my face

The blood trickles from my nose and I stile a cry.

I wait for safer days

I wait for my mom to come home from work

I wait for a better life

I wait for softer hands.

Darkness consumes me slowly

I can still feel her hands on me

Her words no longer audible.

Maybe there is a God.

I wait for Death

But he never knocks

I wait for love

But my heart is locked.

I can’t wait anymore I decide

I’m tired of waiting!

I’m tired of hurting, and sadness and pain.

I fly next the birds above

Soaring through the skies

When this plane touches down

I’ll be free.

When I wake up

I put on new clothes

And leave.

I never looked back.

I’m done waiting.



This poem is about: 
My family


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