I try.

I try. I screw up, but I try. I step out of line, but I try. I set us back, but I try. I make bad impressions, but I try. I'm awkward, but I try. My mistakes cost money, but I try. Sometimes I make the same mistakes 8 times, but I try. There's a lot I don't know, but I try. I'm inexperienced, but I try. When people see me, I hope they can look passed the fact that I am bad at life half the time, and see me trying. Because it may not look like it, but I'm trying really hard. And I'm getting better.I'm learning. I'm working hard. I'm getting better at talking to people. I'm not making the same mistakes I made a year ago. I'm making decisions. I'm learning when to trust my gut and when to ask for help. I'm giving complements and accepting them.I'm answering people's questions. I'm taking on challenges. I'm coping with stress instead of letting it destroy me. I'm doing my absolute best. Sometimes I'm wrong. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Sometimes plans cave. Sometimes I gamble and lose. Sometimes I choke. Sometimes I'm terrified. Sometimes I say stupid things I don't mean. Sometimes I'm mean or frustrated. Sometimes I'm lost. Sometimes I want to throw in the towel and go home.But I'm trying. And I'm going to keep trying. I hope one day that is good enough,Because that is all I have. 

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