I thought you knew

They look at me and they think they know what’s on my mind, 

I smile and say I’m fine. 

They can’t handle even a third of my pain, 

Especially the thoughts so loud they’re hard to tame. 

They can’t handle the story that left its mark, 

The story that can turn even the most innocent dark. 

Come now you think you know, 

It’s just a story you don’t have to feel every blow. 

Come now and take a seat, 

I’ll show you the thoughts that can defeat. 

Listen to the story you thought you knew, 

Hear them say “how can that be true?” 

What’s wrong I thought you knew? 

Keep wondering how I am standing here with a smile, 

I’ll still laugh even with my ass on trial. 

             - Danielle Martinez



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