I Think Too Much

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 14:51 -- Tehya

I think too much

Every day and all night long

The wheels are turning

Thoughts just dragging me along

They pull me here and drag me there


I don’t want to think about war and peace

Or suicide and death and the afterlife

I just want to sleep

To rest

To achieve perfect peace

A lobotomy is what I need

These thoughts keep spinning out of control

I know not where the next one will lead

But it’s like an attack

An attack on my mind

But I can’t fight back

Because the only thing attacking me is

Me, myself, and I

Control it, control it, control it

They say

They don’t understand

Their minds don’t work this way

But how do I explain it

How do I make them see

I’m not crazy

I just

I just

I just

Think too much


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