I Think I'm Crazy

Sometimes I talk to myself.
Sometimes while I’m walking through my empty house,
I pretend that my house is full up people that love me
That would miss me
Does that make me crazy?

Sometimes I lie to myself
Sometimes I’m so convincing in these lies that I forget that its a lie
Sometimes the fake life I make for myself will over come me
The line between reality and dreaming will be come too blurred for me to see
Does that make me crazy?

Sometimes I hurt people
I pretend it was an accident but to make people cry is like a drug for me
The breaking of a voice and knowing that I caused it
Its adrenaline running through my veins
The sound of someone falling apart is music to me
Does that make me crazy?

Sometimes I hear voices
They shout at me, they scream at me
Some are nice but some are mean, some are just plain scary
I used to be able to tell whats in my head and whats not
But lately I can’t tell who’s screaming

I think that makes me… crazy

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