I think I messed up.....

Yea....I know,

You can't tell me what I know.

You're acting as if you're the sea and I'm the boat,

But we both know that you're too weak to tote....me.


Mybad...I messed up,

But you know that I have the world on my shoulders and my family on my back.

I swear I didn't mean to hurt your feelings,

Truth is...I didn't know you had any of that.


I mean...I apologize but lets be real,

You sit around all day and hear people squeal in pain.

And when they die...Instead of helping them you eat their names in vain,

Instead of helping you make the sane insane.


......You're right,

If the are insane...they were never sane.

But that doesn't give you the authority to trip people with canes.

You're the earth which is why it is you to blame.


You've been taking care of yourself for years now,

C'mon tell us your secret.

It's obvious that you have powers but only few can receive it,

Only few can receive it???? But what about the ones who are unfit???


O...they were your mistakes??

O you think that you've messed up??

See...that's why I'm glad I'm on top of you rather you on top of me.


But see...I know how life works,

So therefore I will make sure my legacy continues to where you will always have to work.

You will always have to sing,

But most importantly......You will always remember me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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