I Swear, I Just Miss You

Three years have dragged by since

I first saw you and we met eyes

and I swear my first thought

after I saw you walk into the room

was words that are whispered into

the etches of my heart that sealed

up like an envelope being sent to

another country.


Because you were another country,

another undiscovered gem from the

rubble and if nobody thought you were

beautiful before I did, then they are

wrong, even more wrong than when I

thought Waffle House was a gross restaurant

because underneath bad intentions and horrible timing

lies a good reason to fall in love.


I don’t remember much of our first conversation

but I think we talked about music, and my God,

your voice was music, it was loud and swelling

and powerful and shook the world to its core,

or at least the world I lived in,

and I swore to myself I would love you

regardless of what you feel for me.


And so I did, and it was probably a mistake,

but how could I not when your hair, your long,

beautiful hair fell over your eyes and i would fix it

so I could stare into your soul that was a prism in me,

reflecting the different spectrums of feelings and colors

that I had never saw before, but you made them crystal clear.


The last night, we said goodbye four times

and each time I felt everything falling into place

and falling apart at the same time.  

It’s like gluing a puzzle together

but the sides refuse to fit.

Maybe we didn’t belong together,

but explain the electricity

that passed between our fingers,

or the way your eyes followed me out,

when I made the decision to leave.


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