I still love you

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 19:13 -- Migatho


United States
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Isn’t it funny, all these different feelings that come with different days?
No matter how far away you seem,
No matter how much you hurt me,
I will always love you.
I don’t need your approval, don’t worry,
I’m not going to ask you to come back and love me,
Though what we had was magical, and I wish it didn’t end this way.
But now it is gone, and all we have is a song,
To remind us of how we used to feel, and how real,
We were back then.
Now you say it’s ended, but it doesn’t feel,
Like it has changed, from those good old days,
When we held each other like there might not be a tomorrow,
When holding one another still felt right.
The pain of absence is real, it’s true,
But no matter what you say or do,
Know that I will still love you.


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