I still cry too

So you won’t have an answer

But I know I have a question

Why am I brushed off

In the times of my stressin’


Yes I give advice

And yes I can smile

But don’t you really think

I need a friend once in a while


I may not seem helpless

And I may not seem so down

But when I’m all alone

Soon will come a frown


Planted on my face

To tell my emotion

Then my eyes turn red

And my tears are in motion


What are they for now?

Just listen to a song!

Music can’t help

When I don’t know what’s wrong


I’m always there for others

But no one is there for me

Why is it that my feelings

Are so hard for you to see


Yes I hide secrets

And keep my mouth zipped

I can’t trust everybody

So that’s why I won’t trip


I can’t talk to myself

Then you’d think I’m crazy

Can’t drink it off

It’ll make my mind hazy.


So now I just sit here

And don’t know what to do

No one seems to realize

That I still cry too.

-Marche Stollenwerck 


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