I stand strong I stand

I stand strong
I stand proud in your wake
When words are being slamed in my face .
You don't see the marks beneath my skin
The wounds you have ripped open.

Does it make you feel better to know
that I spend all night crying when I go home
A cloud looms over head
pulling me into a deep darkness
filled with despair and dread.

I hold my head high when you find things to say
I look in your eyes as i think
Is this all that life will have to bring
Is this all any one will remember of me.

Im the girl thats always the center of attention
The one that acts like they could care less
of what others think,
the one you think you know best.

I am the person that is always happy
held together with a smile that seems to be tearing at the seams

You hold on to your hate and your poisoness words
i never did anything to you
still you travel around with your little herd
picking on the meek and thoes you can harm
you hide behind a mask of false charm

Did you know all the anquish and pain
did you see it running through my veins
Your hate is spreading and all i can do
is look at the face inside of you

Do you hurt like me
when you lay in your bed can you see
all the things you do
and the dark feeling you inspire inside of me

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