I Speak My Mind


  I know I may not be much

But who knows what goes on in my head

No one seems to care

I am seen as nothing there

I feel like a phantom

I have friends but not all are true

I help those who need me

But they are never there for me

Who would've guessed that I am dying inside

I suffer from depression

I am scared to tell anybody

A few people know what I suffer from

Many things are wrong with me

And I am not liked because of it

I try to reach out to people

but I shut myself out of the world I am living in

I cry every night 

praying that I would be alright

But I don't want to be selfish

So I pray to God

for my parents to be alright

I thank God they are still here

I want them to live a longer life of


and light

But as of I shall be fighting for my life

Everyday is a new beginning of hopes for

an education,

life,and. . .

a miracle.

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