I sowed you in the soul as seeds

Of those that last as long to grow

They were of those seeds

Because like they grow

As that love should be knowing

Little by little

Once is already seeded

Is known to be so


When the passed love

Without water It has dried

When you already have passed it


Without rush

I planted you so close to the soul

Because I have still much

So much to give

To deliver

Of what I bring in the soul

I planted you in the soul

To save you in a little place of me8

To see what you will offer

If you will offer light or promises nothing more


Without rush

I planted you in the soul slowly

But with the being

To find out if still remains

A love that will give me although

A little love

To know

How many fruits you love will give me.


Te sembre en alma como semillas

De esas que duran tanto para crecer

Fueron de esas semillas porque a como crecen

Asi el amor se debe de conocer

Poco a poco

Una vez ya sembrado

Se sabe que es asi


Cuando el amor pasado

Sin regarlo se ha secado

Cuando ya lo has pasado sin prisas


Te sembre en el alma

Para guardarte en un lugarcito de mi

Para ver que ofrecias

Si ofrecias luz o promesas nada mas

Sin apresurar

Te sembre en el alma

Lentamente pero con el ser

Para poder saber si todavia

Queda un amor que me diera

Aunque sea un poco de amor

Para saber

Cuantos frutos tu amor me daria.

-Jonatan Vega

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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