I Should Have

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 05:26 -- Megara


United States
33° 47' 12.5304" N, 112° 17' 9.924" W

I should have turned
When you said
“I’ll be really disappointed
If you’re not actually a virgin”
I should have ran
And never looked back
I should never have given myself
To the likes of you
I should have given you a black eye
Purely on the principle
That I’ll never get that back

I should have said “Go fuck yourself”
When you smiled at me and said
“I love you”
Then proceeded with
“In a platonic way, of course.
I’m just in it
For the sex”
I should have bashed your face in
With my fist
Purely on the principle that you took me
And then proceeded to treat me
Like something less than
Like I wasn’t worthy
Of anything other than fucking

I should have screamed at your insensitivity
because you hurt me
I shouldn’t have been so passive
So blindly in love
With a self absorbed asshole
That probably couldn’t love anything
Other than the reflection
You see in the mirror
I should have knocked out a few of your teeth
Purely on the principle
That you made me love you
And never bothered to try and learn how to love me back


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