I Run Away?

A dark day begins as clouds cover the sky

My heart slowly burns and starts to dry

I thought I had my life planned out

So I could catch my dream

But now I must start over and choose a different string


Terror rises in my veins.

Heart begins to pump.

I have nowhere else to go, so I run. . . .

I run away, I run away, I run away

Just run away.

I can’t bear to look back to see the past

I let myself run.


I open my eyes to find myself in a room

Do I give up? Do I let go?

Or should I start over again and bloom?

Lost in this world of anger

I trip and fall on my feet,

This long road ahead of me lights up like a street.


I cry, as I do not know where I am going

I can feel my heart pounding as the beat of the drum is flowing.


I catch my breath and look around me.

Eyes watch with smiles as they guide me.

No, this isn’t what I should be doing!

I need to follow my heart instead of cutting down the tree.

Chase for something bigger than me.


Passion rises in my veins.

Heart begins to pump.

I have to reach higher than the sky, so I run.

I run today, I run today, I run today

Just run today.

I need to try and move onto the future.

I let myself run. 


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