I Remember



I remember our trips to the lake.

You taught me how to steer the boat

But I fell out and wore your dry shirt as a dress

While the sun burned your back.


I remember all those rainy days.

We locked ourselves in the play room,

Drank hot cocoa, and built block castles

That towered over me while you towered over them.


I remember our summer hikes.

You told me I was prettier than all of the flowers,

Carried me on your shoulders when I got tired,

And injured yourself to cushion my fall.


I remember the father/daughter dance.

I wore my best dress for you.

You bought me flowers, wore a suit,

And took me on the best date of my life.


I remember going to new schools.

You taught me how to move on

And congratulated me for making it this far.

You gave me everything I needed.


I remember growing up.

You told me no boy was worthy of my heart

Or worth my tears.

I knew you were the only man I would ever love this much.


I remember visiting you in the hospital.

Sitting by your bed for hours.

Counting your breaths.

Telling you it’s okay if you have to go.

Ill be alright.


I remember your memorial service.

So many flowers.

So many tears.

So much love.

It was like you were sitting right next to me


I remember our last shared moments.

I knew that the second I took my eyes off your hand

Hanging from your bedside,

I would never see you again on this earth


I remember the last words you ever said to me.

I held your hand,

You kissed my cheek,

And whispered once more, “I love you.”


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