I Remember

I remember begging him to stay

In a place where there were as many holes in the walls as there were in our hearts

In a place where bruised hands longed for each other's warmth

In a place where the only time he could say he loved me was in his sleep

In seperate beds

Looking back I worked so hard building on lies just to learn that I was much happier

when his space was empty

when I listened to my own voice rather than dwelling on his silence

with you it's different

I remember you choosing to stay despite what was written in my history

In a place where we craved each other in the most innocent way

In a place where our hands easily match and intertwine

In a place where we mumble soft I love you's

In the messy bed we share

Looking at it now I've found truth in who I am

I'm aware of the beauty we are capable of creating together

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