I Refuse to Lay Dormant!


You can't change her.

She is a danger.


Please don't try:

She might cry.


Her attitude seems bad,

Even if she's sad.


She seems alone;

You can hear it in her tone.


She might act proud,

But she's not loud.


Call her a bitch,

And you'll end up in a ditch.


Now she seems hurt.

Her skin covered in dirt.


She's unprotected,

Her heart infected.


The scars will run deep,

If the blood happens to seep.


Taking care of it on her own,

It's all she's ever known.


Don't ask her what's wrong,

It'll take too long.


Her heart is breaking.

Her lungs are aching.


She begins to stutter.

Her heart, to flutter.


The look in her eye,

Caused by one lie.



She would hold a hand,

But she doesn't understand.


She can't fall for a person,

For the fear of desertion.


Life becomes a race

As she imagines her perfect face.


No one truly thinks she's pretty.

If they do it's out of pity.


But as time flew by,

She stopped with the sigh’.


The truth had bubbled out.

She just wanted to shout.





Because this is who I am!

Hot damn,


I finally realized myself,

Taking the true me off of the shelf.


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