I Refuse

I refuse to fade away

Passing as what I'm not

I will never allow you 

To shove me into a box

I refuse to be silenced

My voice needs to be heard

I'm screaming for the sake of others

That suffered long before

I refuse to be called foolish

Cause I'm pretty and young

I am so much more than that

I'm a living breathing being, a child of God

I refuse to sit in silence

Smiling and nodding my life away

Just because I am a woman

You should still listen to what I have to say 

I refuse to be afraid

Of walking alone at night

The dark corridors and empty alleys

Make me shiver with fright

I refuse to be afraid

Of raising my hand to speak

That my opinion may be unvalid

Or that I'm too weak

I refuse to pretend

That the comments don't hurt my pride

I want to fight against them

But I can't quite figure out how

I refuse to be your ideal

Cause what has that done to me

I hate myself and what I am not

I've lost the girl I used to be

I refuse their image

I'll never be what they want

Can't you see?

I refuse to be considered less

Because I am being me


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