I think about you every day, whether you're ok or struggling through the days.
You're what keeps me going and progressing, I hope you know it.
I love you then more words can say,
& I know you feel the same.
I know I've disappointed you at times and said hateful words but I don't mean them, I promise I'm not the same.
I've matured and I've grown as a person, you showed me my values and lead me through the right path. Fuck the old me, and please love this new me.
I remember when I use to be so mad at you for making me keep a secret I wish to not know, but I understand why you did the shit you did and I don't hold it against you.
I remember when I told you my fear that I had for 6 years and being mad at you for not doing much. But now I understand that there wasn't much you could do.
You hold me down on this earth with the care and love you give me.
You're my rock & my gravity.
The amount of stress you have going on in your mind, I can't imagine but best believe I'll be here to listen to you and understand you;
Like you've done so many times for me.
I'm proud to be called your daughter.
A daughter of a beautiful, intelligent, magnificent, caring and loving mother who does nothing but work her ass for me.
Working two jobs to keep me in college and that stays with her husband because she doesn't want to stress me out.
Sometimes I feel like I'm not a good enough of a daughter for you. Compared to what you've done for me, I have yet to prove to you I'm worthy to be your daughter.
I promise ma, whether I’m able to finish college or not…I’ll make you proud of me.

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