I Pray


I pray you’ll love me and hope to forgive you as I watch the years go by.

And I realize you’re not here and never was to try.

I live my life in fear that every man I like will bring my eyes to tears.

I pray that my hate towards that man will not send me to a dark and lonely place…far away.

Curled up alone with all this fury that has yet to be slain.

 Yet far away from you your presence still remains.

I pray that I will stop allowing the thought of you to ruin my life.

I hope your enjoying your peachy life with your other kids and wife.

I hold nothing against them only you, and yes so young am I yet I fear if you cannot love me who will.

In my soul softly the thought kills.

I pray, I can start living happily without you yet never there I will still pray for you.

… I crave to be comforted, loved, happy, and encouraged.

I hope when I look for someone to put my faith in I won’t be broken worse than you ever did me.

I pray that all my love will not be storage. I want and desire the strength and courage to take the risk.

I pray that I won’t let you hold me back any longer.

Only your example of a man will make me stronger… I pray daddy.


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