I overcame

drinking, drugs, sex, popularity

all the things I wanted that I thought would take me far after high school

as my grades dropped my social status went up

as my social status increased so did the number of parties I went to

the lies I told to my parents became more and more elaborate 

and then the unthinkable happened

every girl has been warned about this from day one

"it'll never happen to me" 

"they're my best friends" 

you may think you ruined me

you may think you stripped me of my dignity

but you only made me stronger

because of what you did to me you made me get my shit together

you may have forced me for your own pleasure

but you only made me stronger

so I thank you 

because if you hadnt hurt me like you did

I would never have learned how to overcome 

because of you I am able to overcome

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